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  • What is guzlaar store?

Guzlaar is a multi-vendor electronic store affiliated to Takamul Albinaa for general contracting, which established as a secure electronic platform that facilitates to our valued customer's shopping.


  • Who are the customers of the guzlaar store?

Everyone interested in e-shopping and establishing strong, successful relationships through our website.


    • Do you have to set up an account to benefit from the services of the guzlaar store?

You must create an account and sign in only to be able to complete your purchase, and you can browse all sections of the site and add the products you wish to the Cart.

    • How do I register in guzlaar?

To register an account on guzlaar, follow these steps:

  • Click "حسابي" at the top left of the page.
  • Then click "إنشاء حساب" in the New Customers section.
  • Fill in all fields marked with *.
  • Then press Send.


    • How do I shop at the guzlaar store, and should I pay immediately?

You can shop by adding products to the cart and then completing the order and paying directly so that, the goods are not booked by someone else in case of late payment.


    • Are the products offered at guzlaar store available?

All products offered at the guzlaar store are available for immediate delivery, except as explained on it not available.


    • Does guzlaar store guarantee that all its products are 100% original?

Yes, we at guzlaar store guarantee that all products available and displayed on our website are 100% original products with high quality and conform to the description displayed.


  • What do I do if I am not satisfied with the product?

We are always in guzlaar store, we seeking to satisfy our customers and facilitate the shopping process through our website. and if you ordered a product and you are not satisfied with it, we give you the possibility to replace the product as long as its original condition, not used, the existence of affixed cards on it not removed and the original package is intact and not damaged.

If you request a replacement of the product, please contact our customer service team at (920007241) to begin the replacement process. We will notify the company within 7 days to return the product. We will immediately issue a purchase voucher that you can use on our site with the same value as the product you want to replace.


  • Our products prices fixed?

No, of course, products prices sometimes change according to market changes.


  • Is shopping from the guzlaar store 100% safe?

Shopping from the guzlaar store is easy and 100% secure, as the store operates on a stable and secure platform that complies with international standards for e-commerce and e-payment.


  • What payment methods are available?

For an easy and convenient experience, we have provided you many ways of payment are PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Mada, and Sadad.


  • How is the order shipped?

Orders shipped through Aramex Company within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


  • How much time does the order need to be processed?

The order is processed immediately after payment of the financial amount of the order.


  • Can I replace one of the products I bought?

Our goal in the guzlaar shop is to satisfy our valued customers. We are always happy to offer replacement service with ease if you want to replace any of our products. Therefore, if you are not 100% satisfied with the product due to the defective product due to shipping or packing, or when you receive a product that does not match your order, contact us on (920007241)


  • How long can I replace the product?

Guzlaar store gives its valued customers a 7 Days to replace the products note that the product must be in its original condition, not used, opened, or removed from the posters.


  • What procedures I do if I have a mistake and have received a product other than the product that I have ordered?

In this case, we are committed to refund your account or send the desired product within 24 hours.


  • What is the selling center?

The selling center is basically the playground for sellers, it is where you can find everything that you need to sell on guzlaar. You can list your products, manage your orders, and monitor your performance.

We decided to separate it from the buyer’s experience to keep you sellers engaged and focused on growing your businesses. That’s being said, you can still buy products on guzlaar by simply navigating to the main site.

We revamped most functionalities to make things easier and faster, starting from listing your products, going through managing your orders, and ending with getting paid.

The tools are arranged according to their area, like the following:

  • Dashboard: It shows you the most important numbers, goods movement, and market metrics.
  • Inventory management: To list your products on guzlaar, we give you multiple tools to manage goods whether you need to upload them one by one or all together.
  • Orders Management: To follow up on customers' orders for your products. Where you can follow the goods and make sure they are delivered to customers on time, so you can get paid and get their recommendations if all goes well.
  • Financials: To see all transactions related to your sales, with details about included fees, also you can withdraw your money and transfer them to your bank account.
  • Settings: To manage your account’s details and configurations, including your business information, shipping addresses, bank account information, and others.


  • How do you plan to sell your products?

It is easy to create an account and start the process of listing your products on our site, but in order to sell your products, you have to have good planning.

Therefore, you must follow the following points before inserting your products on guzlaar:

  1. You should know the goods that want to sell well and focus on customers' requests and walk with the current.
  2. You should study the prices of competitors on the site, this will earns you love customers in return for profit less than us makes the equation fair.
  3. If you can’t handle shipping your products to the customers, we in guzlaar on your behalf where we take your products and deliver them to customers and you will reap your profits.
  4. Don’t be afraid to compete with big names, we give the chance for all sellers and we measure by performance, the customers’ satisfaction is the key to win it all.
  5. We have a team with a welcome and always available for your help, don't hesitate to contact us on (920007241)


  • What are the requirements to start selling on guzlaar?

Selling on guzlaar is easy and simple, and all you need is:

  1. You have a stable Internet provider to manage your sales account.
  2. Create a free seller account so you can sell your products on guzlaar.
  3. You have products to be able to sell and must be new goods, as we do not offer used goods on guzlaar.
  4. You have an activated email: We require that you verify your email address in order to start listing your products, as we will communicate all your account’s information on it.
  5. You have a site to ship your products: The courier will use the details of this location in order to pick up your orders and deliver them to the customers. Please note that you will require to verify the mobile phone number used to contact this location.
  6. You have a commercial license and we will verify your ID for legal purposes, this will ensure that you’re allowed to sell them in your country.
  7. You need a valid bank account so you can get paid for the products you sell on guzlaar. Your sales revenue goes to your guzlaar account, and you can simply request to withdraw the available amount and transfer it to your bank account.


  • Does guzlaar store provide the sale individually?

The sale process is available on our site for people who want to sell their products. Selling through our website is easy and simple and you do not need to own a shop or shop for sale.

We currently enable all features for individual sellers on the selling center without any limitations over the business sellers. These include single and bulk listing, order management tools, performance tools, and others.

However, there are specific categories, which require legal documents (Trade license, ID verification) like Fashion, Mobile, Jewellery, Etc.


  • What is the shipping location and why do I need it?

The shipping location is the address that will be used when the courier needs to come and pick up your items. We require at least one primary location to be added, as this will be used when listing your offers.

We recommend using clear directions and well-known landmarks when describing your address, this will make it easier for the courier to find you. The map also is a great way to best specify where you are.

Once saved, you will need to verify the mobile phone number saved in that location details, this will ensure this phone is working in case we needed to contact you for the pickup of your product.


  • How do I unsubscribe from promotional messages?

Your participation in the guzlaar store automatically authorizes you to receive messages and special promotions to alert you to what is new on the site. If you feel that these messages do not suit you, you can unsubscribe by clicking the option: unsubscribe from this list located below of your email to stop the promotional messages.


  • What is VAT?

 The VAT is a tax imposed by the State on all goods and services, effective from 1 January 2018. Where 5% of the purchase orders will be levied through the guzlaar website.


  • What is the VAT rate?

The VAT rate applied in the Kingdom is 5%.

There are a limited number of goods and services that are subject VAT of 0% and there are some tax-exempt goods and services.


  • Do prices on the site include VAT?

Yes, all prices of products displayed and listed on the site include VAT and upon completion of the purchase, no other amounts will be charged. Please note that the tax value will be clarified before any purchase is completed and will be listed in the invoice sent to you by us.


  • When should I register for VAT?

All companies, businesses or entities that have exceeded their taxable annual revenues of goods and services in the Kingdom amount of SR 375,000, registering the VAT system.


  • I have an income tax registration number in the Kingdom. Do I need to register for VAT also?

Yes, VAT registration is a standalone procedure and is different from any other tax number you have received. This number must be used for the purposes of conducting your VAT related business activities only.


  • How is VAT charged?

You must first be registered for VAT and obtain a VAT number. After registration you are bound by the VAT rules applicable in the Kingdom, meaning that you must charge VAT on your sales and show this VAT on a tax invoice


  • Is VAT paid recoverable?

The VAT can be reclaimed in certain circumstances through your VAT return.


  • What do we mean by prices inclusive of VAT?

All the prices published in guzlaar store must include the amount of any applicable VAT.


  • Who will be responsible for issuing Tax Invoice to the customer?

As a seller on guzlaar, It is your responsibility to comply with the VAT Legislation at all times. This includes issuing valid tax invoices on sales made to customers (where necessary), collecting VAT (if applicable) and payment of VAT to the KSA General Authority of Zakat & Tax (the Authority).


  • What should I do in case of return orders?

In case of return orders, VAT will need to be refunded to the customer by way of a Tax credit note. It is an obligation of the Marketplace Seller to provide the customers with a valid Tax credit note.

Upon the return order, you should expect a request from the customer to provide with a valid Tax Credit Note through "the Financial" tab.


Guzlaar store wishes its customers a pleasant shopping experience